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Buy DOC Pellets Online

4-Chloro-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine (otherwise called DOC) is a lesser-known hallucinogenic substance of the amphetamine class. It is an individual from the DOx group of hallucinogenic amphetamines, which are known for their long term and blend of hallucinogenic and energizer impacts.

DOC was first integrated by a group at the University of Alberta in 1972. However, its utilization in people was not promoted until the 1991 production PiHKAL (“Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved”) by Alexander Shulgin.Preceding this, a 1989 scientific investigation of planner amphetamine tests recognized DOC in Canadian medication seizures.

DOC is known as an exceptionally portion touchy hallucinogenic that is frequently sold in powder structure or on smearing paper and known for its long length (more than 12-24 hours), solid enhanced visualizations, a remarkable type of incitement, and a huge body load.

Alongside its delicate portion reaction and uncommonly long span, numerous reports likewise recommend that this substance might be excessively hard to utilize securely for the individuals who are not effectively exceptionally experienced with drugs. In this way it is profoundly encouraged to move toward this abnormally portion touchy, and dependable hallucinogenic substance with the best possible measure of insurance and mischief decrease rehearses if deciding to utilize it.


DOC or 4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxy-amphetamine, is a particle of the subbed amphetamine class. Amphetamines are subbed phenethylamines containing a phenyl ring bound to an amino (NH2) bunch through an ethyl chain and a methyl bunch bound to the alpha carbon Rα. DOC contains methoxy practical gatherings OCH3 appended to carbons R2 and R5 and a chlorine particle connected to carbon R4 of the phenyl ring. DOC is the amphetamine simple of the phenethylamine 2C-C.


DOC’s hallucinogenic impacts are accepted to originate from its viability at the 5-HT2A receptor as an incomplete agonist. Be that as it may, the job of these cooperations and how they bring about the hallucinogenic experience keeps on staying subtle.

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