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Buy Jintropin Online

JINTROPIN 10IU is delivered by GenScis protected E.coli emission articulation innovation. Jintropin® has a similar amino corrosive

arrangement with 191 deposits as the local human development hormone delivered in the human body. JINTROPIN 10IU is an exceptionally decontaminated arrangement of hGH protein. Purchase JINTROPIN 10IU Online


* 4.0 IU/1.0ml/vial

* 10 IU/1.0ml/vial

* 12 IU/1.0ml/vial


* The first rhGH on the Chinese market, propelled in 1998

* The biggest creation capacity and best quality in Asia

* Dominant brand of rhGH in China with 70% of piece of the overall industry

* Unique creation innovation with an E.coli emission articulation framework

* The main 191-aa hGH made by emission innovation protected in China

* Proven wellbeing and adequacy for over 12 years, more than 25,000 patients trated in China

* Internal quality control standard higher than that of the national

* The first endorsement on the planet to treat consumes

* The first on the planet to create topical definition, oral detailing and long-acting plan


* Pediatric development hormone insufficiency

* Severe consumes

* Adult Growth hormone insufficiency

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3 kits, 5 kits, 10 kits, 15 kits, 25 kits

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